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After 24 hours ICICI Bank restores Internet-banking facility

ICICI Bank customers wishing to do the banking transactions yesterday and today morning would have been greeted with a maintenance notice on the ICICI Bank internet banking page.

All of a sudden yesterday i.e 27/11/2013, ICICI Bank’s net banking went offline, without any specific information on its restoration timelines.

After over 24 hours of disruption, ICICI Bank restored its internet banking facility by Thursday afternoon.

“Due to an unavoidable maintenance activity for part of the day yesterday, our customers may not have been able to access the website temporarily. The functionalities have been restored and the site is functioning,’’ a spokesperson of ICICI Bank said in a statement.

In the recent past, no major bank’s net banking was offline for such a long period. Hence, the anxiety level amongst bank customers was a bit high.

This episode might push banks to have a robust BCP for their net banking servers.



Rail eWallet – Alert

IRCTC eWallet is attracting consumers and more than 4,000+ people have signed up for the same, by investing Rs250/- as Registration fees.

After the initial euphoria, IRCTC has made the following announcement on its site

“Booking through E-Wallet is not allowed during 8:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m”

The Tatkal window opens from 10.00am, and majority of the tickets in high demand trains is over in 15-20 mts of the window opening.

The whole idea of eWallet was to shorten the TAT for booking tickets, especially tatkal tickets. With eWallet not valid between 8am to 12noon, rail consumers are again disappointed.


Your Bank knows where you are and what you will do next


In this era of ATM Cards, Credit Cards, Mobile banking and Internet Banking, your bank can know where you are.

However, there were few Banks which were integrating the data, and analyzing it, for greater consumer preference insights.

In India, Indusind Bank has taken the lead to micro track its customer’s location and offer customized recommendations.

The Banks aim is to offer personalized, location-based recommendations, that too in real time.

To offer these services, Indusind Bank is relying on a new technology developed by IBM Research-India.

The customer has to opt for this service. On opting for this service, the IBM tool starts cross-referencing the user’s locations with the user’s activities and provides useful insights. Over a period of time, as the user’s history is built-up, the emails and mobile alerts become more targeted.

IBM Research – India has developed a new technology that connects people with contextual information.

The technology is embedded within the bank’s various channels – Internet, ATM, SMS, phone and branch – as part of a wider overhaul of its front office aimed at improving personalisation. Hence, the tool will start its work, the moment the customers touch any bank channel.

What interests me is that this tool can be part of the fraud-monitoring activity too. Any out of the way transactions can instantly be flagged for immediate attention of the monitoring team.

This new offering by Indusind Bank is to better anticipate, respond to and capitalize on future events quickly and ahead of its competition



India’s own Credit Card Issuer-RuPay releases Chip-based Debit Cards


To make Online Banking and ATM withdrawals very safe in India, NPCI introduces RuPay enabled chip-based debit cards.

Bank of Baroda and Saraswat Bank are the first issuers. More Follows:-