Rail eWallet – Live in India


images_Fotor      The Indian Railway’s eWallet is finally live in India. The registration process can be viewed here.

The initial details can be read in my previous post or on the IRCTC website.

10 Key features

01) Without a PAN Number, eWallet facility cannot be used.

02)There is an initial registration fee.

03)The service fee is not refundable.

04)The maximum amount that can be stored in your Rail eWallet is Rs5,000/-.

05)Top-ups in multiples of Rs100/- can be done.

06)2FA (Two factor authentication) is there with the Transaction Password.

07)The Transaction Password will be sent to your registered mobile.

08)A mobile number is compulsory for eWallet transactions.

09)A mobile number cannot be registered to multiple irctc accounts.

10) Your PAN Number is the User Authentication mechanism.

11)  The PAN Number is verified online at the time of eWallet registration.

12) A PAN Number can be linked to only 1 eWallet account.

13) The cancelled amount will be refunded to the eWallet account itself.

14) eWallet can be used even when the other Payment Gateways are offline.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, and register for eWallet now.


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