Reserve Bank of India-Main Page

Reserve Bank of India-Main Page

There has been a slight change in the Main Page of Reserve Bank of India.


RBI Never asks for Your Bank Account Details

It has come to the notice of the Reserve Bank of India that mail has been sent in its name “inviting bank customers to update their bank account details against online phishing“.

The Reserve Bank has clarified that it has NOT sent any such email.

It has further clarified that the Reserve Bank or banks never issue communication asking for bank account details for any purpose. The Reserve Bank has appealed to members of public not to respond to such mails and not to share their bank account details with anyone for any purpose.


The popularity of electronic banking has led also attracted fraudsters too. As it is said, a good idea attracts not only good folks but also bad folks. And the supporters of the good ideas have to take concrete steps to safeguard the good folks.

Just a few simple tips to live happily in this electronic banking era.

01)                       For uncomplicated passwords, basic cryptography can be employed

02)                       Subscribe to SMS Alerts, Mail alerts for bank accounts as well as credit cards.

03)                        Have a separate email account for Mail alerts. Do not share this email id. Auto-forwarding tool can be enabled.

04)                       Minimum number of bank accounts to be maintained.

Yes, it is possible to live happily in this electronic banking era.


3 thoughts on “Reserve Bank of India-Main Page”

  1. Vilaspur is avillage in Satara Taluka, Satara District, Maharashtra State, with a population of about five thound. There is not a single bank within a radious of 2 and half kilometers. There were some societies which have gone in liquidation. For banking, to and fro share rickshaw costs Rs. 5/-+5/-= Rs.10/- at time. So the educated people are relucant to take advantage of banks. Many of us have got accounts In Bank of Maharashtra in the neighbouring Satara City, but they cannot operate frequently.
    So what should we do?

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