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Tatkal – Indian Rail Ticket Booking – Static IP or Dynamic IP ?

By now, the readers must be aware, that in the last few days, the rules for Rail Tatkal Booking have been changed a lot. CnnIbn has played a major role in the introduction of the new rules.

Traveler friendly measures have been introduced for both Physical booking as well as online booking.

3 major changes have been made for the Net booking mode. 2 changes are front-end changes, while the third one is a back-end change.

Front end change: –

Individual users are permitted to book only two tickets from 10 am to 12 noon. Only two tickets can be booked from one IP address between this time.

Capthca technology has been installed to prevent automated software from cornering tatkal tickets by fraudulent means.

Back-end change: –

To serve the increasing web traffic, railways has installed high capacity database servers and increased the Internet bandwidth from 344 MBPS to 450 MBPS.

Static IP and Dynamic IP modes. Majority of the net users are tech savvy, and may be aware of the two types of IP’s i.e Static and Dynamic.

The basic difference between Static IP Address and Dynamic IP Address, is than in Static IP, the IP address never changes, but in Dynamic IP, the IP address keeps changing.

If the Net booking User has a dynamic IP facility, how will the railways site implement the 2 tickets per IP is not yet clear. However, I am sure, in the coming days, Railways Team will find out a way, to deals with Dynamic IP issues.

If your orgnaisation has a Static IP Address model, when users access the Internet, than only the first two users from the organisaiton can book Tatkal railway tickets. Or, ‘The early bird gets the worm’.

In a Dynamic IP mode, ‘all the birds get the worms’.

The users can experiment with Tatkal Booking via Mobiles, as Mobiles have the Dynamic IP mode as default.

As a Safe ePayments Motivator, I would encourage travellers to opt for the Online mode rather than the Physical mode.