The suspense continues – Mumbai Metro opens at 1.00pm for public on June 8, 2014


As a promotional activity, for the first 30 days of launch of Mumbai Metro, the tickets would be pegged at INR10 irrespective of the distance.

From the 31st day, the ticket rates would be between INR 10 and INR 40. As per the tender schedule issued in 2006, the winner had to fix the rates between INR 9 and INR 13.

As the project went over budget the Reliance Group, the main shareholder the in Metro SPV has sought enhancement of the fare.

At the time of posting this update to my Blog, the fare rate has not yet been finalized.

Irrespective of the final fare, Mumbai Metro customers will have 2 contactless ticketing options i.e Contactless Smart Token for a single journey (CST) OR Contactless Smart Card for multiple journeys (CSC).

The recharge options and other features of the Contactless Smart Card will be announced in due course to the media and also updated in the Metro’s website.




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