FIFA World Cup 2014 – 1,00,000 sponsor tickets injected back into general sale


A glimmer of hope is there for the lazy football fans. About 1,00,000 tickets allocated to Sponsors have been injected back into the general category quota.

This is because Sponsors have felt no need to pay for the 100,000 tickets reserved for them. This news is as per soccer governing body FIFA’s head of marketing Thierry Weil.

In the earlier editions of FIFA World Cup Television channels showed empty stands for which tickets were reserved for sponsors. At the time, the stands reserved for general pubic were overflowing with soccer fans.

Hence, the rules were tweaked for the tickets issued by FIFA to its commercial partners, asking them to confirm demand five months before the start of the tournament and reconfirm demand ahead of individual matches.

“We reserved some tickets for them in January 2014,” Weil said in an interview in Sao Paulo yesterday. “They buy what they need and the rest that we received is injected back into general sale. It was about 100,000.”

The FIFA’s ticketing guidelines state that about 25 percent of World Cup tickets have to be reserved for partners and affiliates.

One main reason for Sponsors not interested in conformed tickets are the associated costs involved in travel to the World Cup venues.



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