eAuction in the top 10 priorities of new Indian Cabinet

eauciton_Fotor                At a meeting of his Cabinet on May 29, 2014 Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi advised his ministers to prepare a list of issues that they will take up in the first 100 days in office, with a focus on efficiency, delivery systems and implementation.

Apart from the agenda for the first 100 days, Prime Minister also has a list of top 10 priorities, which will be the collective responsibility of Indian cabinet.

As a Safe ePayments Motivator, out the top 10 priorities what excited me most is “To promote e-auctioning in government tenders and other government work. The idea is to encourage transparency”.

In simple terms, eAuction, can said to be negotiations conducted in the virtual world i.e Internet.

Most governments consider eAuction as the most transparent way of conducting transactions. eAuctions can be conducted for both price and non-price (service level, quality, etc.) parameters to ensure the result of the auction reflect the overall best total value for the participants.

Readers can visit the website of BSNL to learn about the benefits of eAuction. BSNL’s auctions fancy numbers through the eAuction mode only.


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