Will Indian eCommerce buyers encourage CBD (Cash before Delivery) ?

Shopclues.com and Suvidhaa join hands to explore the opposite of Cash on Delivery (COD).

The strike rate of COD options for Indian eCommerce companies is 40% due to a high rejection rate. The rejection rate could be delay in receipt of the goods or change of mind.

As cash is still the preferred option in Tier II and Tier III cities, one Indian eCommerce company encouraged its collection team to brainstorm and come up with an innovative idea.

The idea rolled out was the CBD (Cash before Delivery). In simple terms CBD is the opposite of COD.

Under CBD physical cash has to be handed over at Suvidhaa’s outlets to Shopclues.

The order is shipped only on the receipt of the physical cash.

CBD has been rolled out as per paper articles, but it not yet activated in Shopclues website.

To ensure a high-conversion rate for CBD orders, Shopclues must first make sure that there is Suvidhaa outlet within 1-3kms radius of the buyer’s residence/workplace


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