NaMo Magic – 16lacs +, highest number of eTransaction per day in Gujarat

Do you know that for the last 17 days, Gujarat residents have logged in 16,94,359 eTransactions every day.

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Integrated data from 31 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) and 2267 eServices has been collected to arrive at the number of 16lacs+ per day.

The nineteen MMPs are 01) Income Tax (IT), 02) MCA 21, 03) Passport, 04) Immigration , 05) Visa and Foreigners Registration and Tracking (IVFRT),  06) Pension, 07) Agriculture , 08) Commercial Taxes, 09) e–District, 10) Employment Exchange, 11) Land records, 12) Municipalities, 13) Gram Panchayats, 14) Road Transport, 15) Treasuries, 16) CSC, 17) DGFT, 18) e-Courts, 19) e-Procurement, Public Distribution System (PDS) have been integrated with ‘e-Taal’.

The only job of eTaal is to provide an aggregated view of the eTransactions performed through eGovernance Applications implemented including, but not limited to, the projects of national importance like 31 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) defined under National eGovernance Plan (NeGP).

‘eTaal’ automatically pulls the e-Transaction count from applications integrated with it using Web Services technology. Once the initial integration is over there is no manual intervention.

Of all the 35 states, Gujarat is the front-runner. Gujarat accounts for 20% of all the eTransactions in our country.

Q: What is eTransaction?

Ans: An eTransaction under eTaal is defined as

An e-Transaction is a transaction delivering public service using ICT tools to improve access, enhance transparency and reduce response time while also satisfying all of the following four conditions:

a.          Service is requested through electronic means (self-access or assisted access) including mobile devices

b.          Workflow/approval process is electronic

c.           Database is electronic/digitised

d.          Service delivery is electronic




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