Investments in Market Infrastructure Companies by Primary (Urban) Cooperative Banks


Reserve Bank of India issued the first set of guidelines on Investments in Non-SLR securities by primary (urban) cooperative banks on September 18, 2007.

Subsequently on the basis of representations received from banks and their federations, the existing guidelines were reviewed on January 30, 2009.

Keeping in view the developments in the last couple of years, RBI on May 7, 2014, issued fresh guidelines on ‘Investments in Market Infrastructure Companies by Primary (Urban) Cooperative Banks’. The guidelines are applicable on All Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks operating in India.

The guidelines are based on representations received from some UCBs regarding investment in shares of Market Infrastructure Companies (MICs):

  1. Investments made by UCBs for acquiring membership of MICs will be reckoned as Non-SLR investments;
  2. UCBs are allowed to exceed the limit for investments in Non-SLR/unlisted securities prescribed in Circular dated January 30, 2009, if it becomes necessary to do so for acquiring membership of MICs;
  3. The MICs eligible for such investments by UCBs are Clearing Corporation of India Ltd., National Payments Corporation of India and Society for World Wide Inter-Bank Financial Tele-Communication (SWIFT).
  4. The list of eligible MICs will be updated from time to time by the Reserve Bank of India.

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