Oops you cannot pay Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) Tax online

On the BDA website, there is a hyperlink guiding BDA tax payers to the online payment page. The only problem is that the link does not open, and the standard operating message is

“Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to ops.bdabangalore.org

Try reloading: ops.­bdabangalore.­org/­bdaops”

BDA hopes to collect two types of dues:

01)Shop Rental Payment

02)Property Tax Payment

Shop Rental Payments – BDA has commercial properties spread across Bangalore.  IT collects lease rentals or normal rentals from the tenants basing on the agreement between BDA and the tenant.

Property Tax Payment – BDA allots sites to the local residents. The local residents have to pay Property Tax on the vacant sites i.e till a building in constructed on the site.

Bangalore Development Authority came into being with effect from 16th January 1976 under a separate Act of the State Legislature.

Since the last two months the web page interface through which owners have to pay tax for BDA property has crashed and doesn’t load.

Ila Devi, Systems Manager, BDA, said the software had a bug that prevented it from generating receipts for payments made online. And, the payments were also not getting updated to the database.

There is a 24×7 automatic complaint registration no 155302 and aggrieved citizens can call the number to redress their grievance.




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