10 strategies to achieve success on Snapdeal’s Launchpad

Snapdeals’ Launchpad aims to make life easy for Indian eCommerce Sellers.

The tie-up with  IIM Ahmedabad’s technology incubator – Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship and IIT Bombay’s Entrepreneurship Cell will assist wannabe sellers to understand the dynamics of Online selling.

The below 10 pointers will assist you on a successful journey on Snapdeal:

01)Select a niche product

02)Create a Facebook page, Blog around your product

03)Constantly update your FB Page/Blog

04)Encourage buyers to opt for KlickPay

05)Offer loyalty points to your sellers, yes loyalty points add stickiness to your products. Loyalty points can be offered when the seller uploads his/her photo along with your product on social networking sites.

06)Offer freebies to your frequent buyers/top referrers

07)Once you gain traction, tie up with a NGO. Advertise that part of your profits will be donated to the NGO.

08)Launch festival specific products.

09)Indians love food, offer food coupons to frequent buyers.

10)Think and Innovate

The future is yours



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