How did Bachchan, Parrikar, Ponting, Sachin  Goa MNREGA ‘beneficiaries’  receive their wages? Physical mode or Electronic mode!

The Goan village of Chimbel, barely five kilometers from Panaji has the unique distinction of many eminent personalities being MNREGA beneficiaries.

The MGNREGA promises 100 days of work a year to each rural household at a pre-determined minimum wage rate.

To eliminate funds pilferage under the job scheme and to ensure direct transfer of cash, State Governments have to roll out the electronic fund management system (eFMS)

Under the eFMS, details of work done by people under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act are maintained in electronic form by using a particular software which would enable the authorities concerned to directly credit the wages into the account of the person concerned.

Besides, direct transfer of wages in the bank account of persons concerned, eFMS also enables evaluation of the work undertaken under the MGNREGA.

The objective of eFMS is to transfer funds to MGNREGA beneficiaries in real time. The full form of eFMS is  “Electronic Funds Management System.”

The eFMS software as an independent tool has been  developed by the National Informatics Centre for facilitating online transfer of funds to the beneficiary accounts, exclusively for the beneficiaries coming under the “Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).”



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