Pretty Mom Credit Card – Launch by The Agricultural Bank of China (ABC)


In China, the full form of ABC is ‘The Agricultural Bank of China (ABC)’.  ABC has 24,000 + branches spread across mainland China. It also has branches at Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, New York, Frankfurt, Sydney, Seoul, and Singapore .

To encourage a large number of Chinese to experience the joy of Credit Cards, the Bank periodically launches theme based credit cards.

The latest theme based card is the ‘Pretty Mom Credit Card’.

The cards focus on the needs of new mothers with children up to the age of six by offering discounts on major baby product brands and early education institutions.

The new services will focus on consumer experience to nudge its existing lady customers to opt for the ‘Pretty Mom Credit Card’.

The card reflects the changing nature of Chinese families. In traditional Chinese families, couples once set up combined accounts, instead of managing finances individually, and men controlled most major affairs, ranging from money to big decisions.

But in the last few years, the situation has started to change due to the higher education and economic position of modern women.

Which Indian Bank will be first to launch a similar card?



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