Go OUT AND VOTE  – 10 steps for a Stress free Voting  


India is on a cusp of revolution with the kick off for India’s 16th General Elections.  Apart from General Elections to choose India’s next Prime Minister, Assembly level elections too will be held in the states of State Legislative Assemblies of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Sikkim.

For democracy to succeed, we Indians need to vote on the Voting Day in our allotted Polling Booth.

Physical presence of the registered voter is required at the allotted polling station. The only exception is for voters eligible for Postal Voting.

Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) assists the voter to locate his/her polling booth quickly. EPIC is only an identity document and does not confer the right of vote on any person, whose name is not in the electoral roll.

The following ten tips will guide for a stress-free voting experience.

01)Mark an appointment with Election Commission of India on your Voting Day.

02)Search your EPIC and keep it in your wallet till the Voting Day.

03)Locate your Pooling Booth through the EPIC Number.  Facility of checking is provided on the website of Chief Electoral Officers. Facility to check the names in electoral rolls through SMS has also been provided. The number on which SMS is to be sent is different for each State and shall be publicized by Chief Electoral Officers

04)Do a recce of your Pooling Booth. This will be helpful on the Voting Day.

05)If necessary, apply for leave at office.

06)If necessary, apply for leave at your business.

07)Prior to the Voting Day, finalize the candidate/party which you would be voting.

08)Familiarize yourself with the Party’s symbol.

09)NOTA (None of the above) option is introduced now.

10)On the Voting Day, proceed to your Polling Station and VOTE.


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