Bharatiya Mahila Bank opens branch in Goa(14th Branch) and Jaipur(15th Branch)

The current target of Bharatiya Mahila Bank  is to open branches in all the Indian states by the end of this financial year.

No, as Seemandhra and Telangana have yet to formed, it will have a presence in only Andhra Pradesh.

The target for 2014-15 is to open 55 more branches in Tier 4, Tier-5 and Tier-6 cities in 2014-15.

BMB’s 14th Branch was inaugurated in Jaipur and Goa will have the honors of BMB’s 15th Branch.

In Goa, the Banks CMD said, the bank would take advantage of the existence of Common Civil Code by virtue of which women got equal ownership of immovable and other property along with their spouses.

In other parts of the country, bankers faced this problem while financing as women did not have ownership of houses, immovable properties, she lamented.


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