Rampur Zila Shakari Bank launches RuPay Kissan card

                During the 2012 BANCON conference held at Pune, the RuPay Kissan card was launched.

Rampur Zila Shakari Bank today launched RuPay Kissan card for small farmers living in remote areas and has become the first bank in the country to issue such card.

A tiller of the land shall be at liberty to draw his loan amount from any ATM across the country and can also make purchases at points of sale by swiping his card, said the bank’s General Manager, Anjum Khan. The experiment, if succeeded, shall be exported to other co-operative sector banks in India, Khan added.

The Kisan Credit Card (KCC) has emerged as an innovative credit delivery mechanism to meet the production credit requirements of the farmers in a timely and hassle-free manner. As per the revised guidelines for KCC, the KCC should be a smart card cum debit card which could be used in the ATMs/Hand held Swipe Machines etc

As on date, 98  DCCBs  have obtained IINs from NPCI. The numbers of DCCBs that have actually issued the RuPay Kisan Cards are 2.



2 thoughts on “Rampur Zila Shakari Bank launches RuPay Kissan card”

  1. More Details are Needed.
    If the DCCB is a Direct Member of NFS or a Sub-member ?
    Who has provided the EFT-Switch, cards CMS, CBS Etc.,
    If the above queries are answered it would be Full info.

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