RBI penalises The Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd., Bhalki, Karnataka

                The Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd., Bhalki, Karnataka, has to pay Rs1,00,000 (Rs1lac) as penalty to Reserve Bank of India.

The penalty has been imposed by Reserve Bank of India for

  • sanctioning/ renewing of loans and advances to directors, their relatives and firms/ concerns in which the directors are interested
  • and suppressing of such information by not reporting the same in the relevant quarterly statement in Proforma I & II submitted to the Reserve Bank India
  • and also for furnishing false information to the Inspecting Officer of Reserve Bank.


First mention of the town was made as “Bhallunke” in the vachanas of 12th century sharanas. The Sharana Kumbara Gundaiah is from Bhalki who is a part of bhakthi movement.


Bhalki’s importance in the 1857 war is played out at the very end of the war, when one of Tatya Topes followers is arrested and tried by the Nizam, in 1867.

Tourist places in and around Bhalki Town

  • Bhalki fort
  • Bhalkeshwar Temple
  • Rameshwara Tekadee
  • Old Town
  • Bhalki Tank
  • Bhatambra Fort

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