Bhopal welcomes Cheque Truncation System (CTS)

After Mumbai, Bhopal became the second centre in the western region to be introduced to a new way of banking. On Wednesday, new cheque truncation system (CTS-2010) went ‘live’ in the city, thus eliminating the need for physical movement of cheques for clearing.

Out of 54 major Banks in Bhopal, 14 Banks were ‘live’, on Day 1. The remaining 40 banks are expected to be live by Dec 13 end.

The major challenge would be for 8 Cooperative Banks in India, which do not have infrastructure and volumes to be direct CTS Members. They can opt for the Sub-membership route to join the CTS bandwagon.

The most interesting part of Bhopal’s history is the rule by a large line of Begums.

Tourists with an inclination for history can drop in at Bhimbetka – archaeological treasure house. Hemmed in by the northern fringe of the vindhya ranges, Bhimbethika : PaintingsBhimbetka lies 46 Km


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