Postal ATM’s-The wait is over

            The first sets of Postal ATM’s are expected to be rolled out by December 2013. In the first phase, ATMs will be set up in 1,000 Post Offices spread all over the India. i.e across six states –Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

Initially, there will be On-site ATMs only. These 1000 Post Offices are part of the wider Core Banking Solution network.

Once the Post Office Saving Bank accounts move from stand-alone mode to CBS mode, the account holders would be able to carry out his/her routine banking accounts at any CBS Post Office.

As this is a test mode, the service charges for AAA (Any Where, Any Time) Post Office Banking is yet to be finalized.

The Chennai Circle and Maharashtra and Goa circle have commenced the civil works in the selected Post Offices.

Infosys is India Post’s Financial Services System Integrator


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