New Response Code in Aadhaar Based Payment (ABP) response file

response_Fotor            NPCI has mandated all banks to update the response code in the ABP return session. Under ABP Process,  the complete set of data has to be sent back to NPCI, with appropriate response code.

The Response Codes are of utmost importance for the Government Departments to know the status of individual transactions and also to reply to any query sought by the beneficiaries.

The response codes are

0             Transaction Returned by destination bank

1              Transaction accepted

2             Transaction rejected by NACH system

3             Transaction on extension

4             Transaction pending processing

6     Unwound

It was expected that all destination banks would have STP facility for processing ABP files and hence there would be no technical issues in updating the response codes in the reverse file.

However, it was noticed that some transactions did not have the response code, and NPCI-ACH by default used to update the response code as ‘1 transaction accepted’. As this was showing a false picture to the Sponsor Banks and Government Departments, a new code

7     Transaction is Deemed Accepted

However, in the long run the Response Code 7 should be withdrawn, and it would be beneficial to all the ABP Participants to update the reverse ABP file with the correct response files.

This would increase the confidential levels of the beneficiaries in the ePayments sector.


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