6 Simple tips to claim Domestic LPG explosion insurance

LPG_P_181013_Fotor             Way back in 2003, Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd on Thursday announced a Rs 15 lakh insurance scheme for its domestic cooking gas (LPG) users to cover for loss of life and injuries due to an accident with an LPG cylinder.

Over the years, the amount has increased to Rs40lacs/-. The dealers have to pay the premium to the insurance companies.

However, due to NIL awareness levels, no claims are lodged against Domestic LPG explosions.

According to IOC Ltd Citizen Charter, the IOC distributor will offer assistance to the consumer in completing the formalities of insurance claims arising out of the accident.

HPCL website states all registered HP GAS consumers (having valid SV) are insured against outcome of an accident at their registered premises due to LPG. Details are available with all the distributors and Customer Service Cell In addition, HPCL has also taken a Public Liability Insurance Policy.

Valid SV stands for Valid Subscription Voucher.

The following are few simple tips:

01) Check with your LPG distributor on the requisites for a valid insurance claim.

02)Use only Original accessories which are ISI approved.

03)Request your dealer to do the maintenance check every year.

04)Preserve the maintenance check receipt.

05)In case of death due to explosion of gas cylinder, the victim has to appeal in the court demanding compensation

06)Insurance agents said it is very easy to get the claim — informs cops and gas agency, wait for survey by insurance officials and soon you will get the claim amount.

We Indian citizens have to create awareness amongst ourselves. No gas company or insurance company will create awareness. The main challenge in claiming the insurance amount is that the evidence has to be preserved till the survey by insurance officials. In majority of the households, the scene of accident is immediately cleaned up, so that the routine life can go on.




3 thoughts on “6 Simple tips to claim Domestic LPG explosion insurance”

  1. 0wners of gas agencies & officials of gas companies must ensure to display on notice board about insurance cover detail available to consumers & also of biannual maintenance cover details failing which stringent punishment be imposed . Also consumer awareness week be organized by gas agencies & gas companies . failure to comply would lead to criminal case filing for concealment of facts from consumers of gas against the agent & the oil company. Please ensure compliance if it is rational & intimate mail id cdrvgin@gmail.com mb 9416733833. Commander Vijay Gaur

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