Mashreq Easy Cheque solution – 14 dots to connect to the whole picture


easy_Fotor            Mashreq Bank has launched innovative Easy Cheque solution to pay anyone, anywhere

01) A valid Mashreq credit card is a prerequisite

02)The Easy Cheque solution enables Mashreq credit card members to  pay anyone, anywhere, in any currency using their Mashreq cards account, even at places where credit cards are not accepted.

03)The cheque amount including the processing fee and interest, can be repaid in 3 or 6 months equal installments.

04)The request can be placed through a phone call or a SMS

05) The required details to process the request are

A) Beneficiary Account Number

B) Amount of Payment

C) Purpose of Payment

D) Currency

06)Basing on the details, the cheque will be mailed to the Mashreq Card holder address

07)The service is not free, there is a processing fee based on the 3/6 chosen monthly instilment plan.

08)The  processing fee is  1% for 3 month or 2% for 6 month installment plan is applicable

09)In lieu of cheque, the amount can be transferred to the card holder account.

10) Supplementary card holders are also elgible for the Easy Cheuqe program

11)  The Easy Cheque debit/Fund Transfer is equivalent to cash withdrawal

12) On execution of the transaction the cash sub-limit and the overall card limit is reduced to such extent.

13) The Easy Cheque debit/Fund Transfer transactions are not eligible for any reward points.

14) In case of prepayment of the monthly installments, there is an early settlement fee



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