Indicash ATMs’ cross the 400 mark


This week it was turn of West Bengal to welcome Indicash ATMs’ into its fold. So far, it has opened 16 such money machines in the state. By the end of 2013, there will be 150 Indicash ATMs’ Ms in West Bengal.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Communications Ltd, the company has so far opened 400 such ATMs across eight states and is planning to add 14,600 more by 2016.

Already the response the exceeded the company’s expectations,  they are witnessing roughly 100 transactions per machine per day.

The company receives Rs 15 per transaction from the respective banks during cash withdrawal and Rs 5 per transaction for balance enquiry.

‘Indicash ATMs’ offers Card Dip ATM machines so that the card is retained in the hands of the user. Other safety measures are Privacy Screen filters, Key Pad shields and Electronic surveillance to enable safe and secure transactions



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