Should Unreserved Train Tickets been sold @







Like it or hate it,, has been a great hit and a star player in Indian eCommerce sector. The website has introduced to many an Indian, the joy of eCommerce.

Over the years, the daily booking volume has grown from 27 tickets to an average of 4,00,000/- tickets.

Almost 1 in 100 Indians has heard about The migrant population too is now familiar with

Now, the time is ripe for integration of Railway’s UTS – UNRESERVED TICKETING SYSTEM, with

The top 8 benefits are:

01)  Increase in volumes

02)Increase in float income

03)Increase in passenger collection charges

04)Reduce  anxiety at booking counters

05)Increase familiarity of eCommerce amongst a large section of Indians

06)Encourage Indians to travel with rail tickets

07)Encourage short rail travels

08) Reduce stress amongst rail passengers



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