INR 9,000 crore market-eMonetisation of Toll Plaza Collections in India

If all goes as plannedl, this will not be possible by Mid-2014: Caught on camera: lakhs stolen from toll plaza near Delhi



In the last few years, more and more Toll Plazas are dotting the National Highways. The major collection mode is still Cash only. There have been few success stories on conversion from ‘cash’ mode to the eMode.

In the eMode the preferred collection mode is through RFID Tags.

Using the passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, the Electronic Toll Collection) CETC consists of two components: The tag and the reader.

When a vehicle fitted with a RFID tag passes through a toll plaza, the reader installed at the dedicated ETC lane will read the unique number of the tag following which the information will be transmitted to the central clearing house.

The account of the tag number will then get debited from a pre-fixed amount. At the end of the shift or day, the amount will be transferred to the respective toll operator through bank.

The RFID is considered as the cheapest solution available and is extremely simple to use and administer, requiring no actions on the part of the user. This is how it works:

  • The entire transaction details of all the Tag accounts are stored in the Central Database.
  • The road users have to register themselves with the agency and provide basic details like name, address, vehicle type, registration no. etc. On registration, the road users will be provided with the RFID Tags.
  • As there are chances of misuse of the RFID tags or cloning of RFID Tags, each  ETC lane will be equipped with Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) system for cross verification of vehicle categories to avoid any misuse of Tags.
  • The ETC management software will compare the class of vehicle as per the Tag account and the AVC class.
  • In case of discrepancy, the system triggers the Camera fitted in lane and computers the image of the vehicle along with the number plate.

India’s first National Highway Electronic Toll Collection system launched

ICICI Bank launches first Electronic Toll Collection on NH-1 in association with NHAI

Electronic toll collection launched in Maharashtra

Electronic Toll Collection to be Rolled Out on NHS across Country by March 2014

Computerised toll plazas on all highways by April 2014

Traffic Engineering And Management-Toll Operation


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