Flashback Special 26 @ KPMG: Job aspirants across India taken for a ride



The Date-March 19,1987, The Location- Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri/Opera House/Mumba, The Perfect Crime

Many elaborate Job recruitment scams have taken place since then. The simplest modus operandi is to insert Paper advertisements informing candidates of vacancies in reputed manufacturing/software companies.

The applicants were advised to deposit an amount, often referred to as processing fees, in bank accounts.

As the candidate’s faith in such schemes started to reduce, the conmen refined  their act further.

This time it was the lure of jobs in KPMG. KPMG in India is one of the leading providers of risk, financial services and business advisory, internal audit, corporate governance, and tax and regulatory services.  There is an aura surrounding KPMG positions.

The interview Date- October 7, 2013

The interview location – Eight floors below KPMG’s office at the World Trade Centre building in Bangalore,

The modus operandi – A mix of hacking and bogus job interviews.

A bunch of impostors posing as KPMG managers interviewed, hired and issued fake offer letters to half-a-dozen job aspirants. They even asked the candidates to report to the 12th floor, the real KPMG office. By the time the candidates and the company could figure they had been duped, the impostors had left.

The unsuspecting aspirants were earlier beguiled into transferring money into a bank account.

“They had the nerve to book a business centre in the same building as our office. The proportion of this fraud is ridiculous,” says Shalini Pillay, head of HR, KPMG. She hastens to add that KPMG’s recruitment process is very robust. “We have codes for every applicant and even our recruiters are aware of this.”

To minimize suspicion in the candidate’s minds, calls to these candidates were made from a number that was identical to KPMG’s board line, but the company says none of their staff are involved. It has reported the incident to the cyber crime cell in Bangalore. Officials feel it could be a case of hacking as well. This is the second such con on KPMG. Last month, another bunch was similarly duped in Hyderabad. In all, about 30 candidates have walked into KPMG offices with fake offer letters.


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