India eCommerce – Are we ready for SAME DAY DELIVERY?


Frost & Sullivan research in Indonesia Telecom Indonesia-Go Online Outlook 2012, mentions income e-commerce transactions in Indonesia reached USD 120 million in 2010 and will increase to USD 650 million in 2015.

Realizing the potential for a specialized logistics company, Ms. Intan Saraswatir rebranded d’Courier to KIRIM.CO.ID. The specialty of, is SAME DAY DELIVERY within Jakarta and surrounding services.

The ‘same day delivery’, was preferred by Banks for bank related documents. What differentiates from other local logistics companies is the tracking technology.  The status is updated in near real-time, which is a boon for customers, both sender and receiver.

In India, the eCommerce market is booming, with one study putting the total eCommerce market @62,000+crores by end of 2013.


The Indian eCommerce market is broadly divided into two parts Travel and Non-Travel.

Travel accounts 73% share, with the Non-Travel accounting for the rest 27%.

Within Non-Travel, eRetailing is the most difficult segment to service. In eRetailing the physical goods have to be delivered to the customers. The payment can be, ‘Advance or Cash-on-Delivery’.

Apart from the normal eRetailing, the SAME DAY DELIVERY option is beneficial to Bank documents, food, life-saving machines.

SAME DAY DELIVERY will take off in India, when the delivery rates match the online tracking capability of the logistics companies. Yes, the Sender can charge a premium rate for SAME DAY DELIVERY or add it as a service differentiator.


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