Union Bank’s 101st Talking ATM in Bhubaneswar






Bank customers are familiar with normal ATM’s but very few have experienced Talking ATM.

It was on June 6,2012 Union Bank of India unveiled the country’s first talking ATM in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The Bank has set itself a target to open 1000 Talking ATMs’ by March 2014. It was turn of Bhubaneswar, Odisha to have Unions Bank of India’s 101st Talking ATM.

This is the 4616th ATM of the Bank and first talking ATM in the state of Odisha and in Bhubaneswar.

Union Bank has recently won the Best IT Innovation Award with Rs.1, 00,000/- prize money for Talking ATM implementation from Computer Society of India.

At the launch function, UBI Chairman & Managing Director Shri Sarkar also announced that, Bank intends to roll out 1000 Talking ATMs for the visually challenged by March 2014.

The users have to plug-in a headphone into the ATM which has a unique voice interface, and once it is done the machine guides them into further operations. As a security feature, the display on the ATM screen can be made blank, when the visually challenged customer is carrying out the banking transactions.

The 100th Talking ATM for visually challenged was unveiled at National Association for the Blind (NAB)New Delhi premises.


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