Cyclone Phailin: Agency Banks in Odisha-India to be open during Durga Pooja Holiday

Around 30 mts ago, Cyclone Phailin has made the landfall near Gopalpur in Odisha. It is expected to be on land for six hours, before destroying itself.

What makes this storm so fearsome is that there’s no wind shear to weaken it and the water that is fueling it is warm and deep. Those are the ingredients for a record storm.

This is Durga Pooja season in Odisha and West Bengal. Most of the offices are practically shut-down for 4-6days for the Pooja celeberations.

As Cyclone Phaillin is making the landfall during pooja holidays, to ensure that the relief payments move quickly to the public, Odisha Government is taking the necessary steps for the same.

In this regard, Odisha government has sought the support of the Reserve Bank of India to facilitate government payments towards relief expenditure in view of the severe cyclonic storm ‘Phailin’

In his letter to the regional director Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Additional Chief Secretary (Finance) UN Behera said: “Treasuries of all the cyclone prone districts will remain open during the Puja holidays to facilitate processing of bills relating to emergent relief expenditure.”

“You are requested to issue suitable instructions to the agency banks transacting government business to be in preparedness to carry out government payments relating to relief expenditure from October 12-14 and on other holidays to ensure flow of funds for relief activities,” Behera said.

At the same time, The Finance department has also directed the engineer-in-chief (electrical) to ensure uninterrupted power supply to treasuries as well as the directorate of treasuries, since treasuries will remain open to facilitate government payments for relief activities.

The state government has already cancelled Puja holidays for its four lakh employees in view of the impending calamity.


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