Your Chance to be part of India’s Mobile Banking Revolution







In the Statement by   Dr. Raghuram Rajan on taking office on September 4, 2013, there were many points which will usher Safe eTransactions in the next couple of years in India.

With reference to this point, “Finally, there is substantial potential for mobile based payments. We will set up a Technical Committee to examine the feasibility of using encrypted SMS-based funds transfer using an application that can run on any type of handset. We will also work to get banks and mobile companies to cooperate in rolling out mobile payments. Mobile payments can be a game changer both in the financial sector as well as to mobile companies”

Today i.e 09/10/13, RBI has announced setting up an Technical Committee on Mobile Banking

The main aim of this Technical Committee is to:- examine the options/alternatives including the feasibility of using encrypted SMS based funds transfer using an application that can run on any type of handset for expansion of mobile banking in the country.

The terms of Reference of the Committee are:

  • to conduct an in-depth study of the challenges faced by banks in taking mobile banking forward to the desired level;
  • to study the challenges faced by banks in introducing the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) channel and suggest solutions, if any, to take this forward;
  • to consider the advantages/challenges of having a single application across all handsets in an SMS encrypted environment;
  • to examine any other optimum solution that would take mobile banking to every nook and corner of the country; and accordingly,
  • to draw up a road map for implementation of the solutions/options recommended

The Committee has to submit its report by end of December 2013.

In case you wish to interact with the Technical Committee, you may email the comments to The last date to articulate your views is October 31, 2013.








Visitors to Mysore for the Dasara celebrations must have noticed a new breed of ATMs’ i.e Indicash ATMs.


Tata Communications Payment Solutions Ltd (TCPSL) simultaneously inaugurated 5 of its Indicash ATMs in Mysore. Dasara celebrations are celebrated on a grand scale in Mysore and most of the product launches in Mysore are centered around the Dasara celebrations’.


This is part of TCPSL’s plan to set up 1,000 Indicash ATMs in the State over the next three years. The company said its focus was to cover Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli-Dharward, and north Karnataka in the first phase.


TCPSL is planning to deploy a minimum of 1,000 Indicash ATMs in Karnataka, a region which plays a vital role in the company’s rollout plans of 15,000 Indicash ATMs across India over the next three years. The company’s first white-label ATM was launched at Chandrapada village in Thane district on June 27.