Serbia RTGS in September 2013 was 100% up!

In most of the countries, RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) is the preferred choice for settling high-value financial transactions.

This is same in Serbia too.

National Bank of Serbia runs the RTGS in Serbia. The high level statistics of NBS RTGS for September 2013 have been published by National Bank of Serbia.

Like all other countries, the volume of Electronic Transactions as compared to Paper Transactions is on the higher side. In Serbia the same norm applies.

In the course of 21 business days in September 2013, a total of 15.7 million payments were processed in the NBS RTGS (11.4 million or 72.3%) and clearing system (4.3 million or 27.6%). The average number of payments was 748,534 per day, of which 523,276 in the RTGS and а 207,004 in the clearing.

The RTGS turnover amounted to RSD 4,062.8 billion and the clearing turnover to RSD 35.9 billion, or 0.9% of the total value.

Daily turnover in the RTGS and clearing system averaged RSD 193.5 billion and RSD 1.7 billion respectively.

As there was no downtime during 11,520 minutes of production, the availability of the NBS RTGS and clearing system was 100%.


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