CUMTA to introduce Smart Card for Chennaites


In November 2010, a Bill was introduced in the Tamil Nadu Assembly to set up Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA).


The Authority has been proposed to ensure coordination of several agencies involved in planning, providing operations and managing the transportation system. It will also streamline the activities of the agencies.


One of the most important functions of  CUMTA is to set up and run the common ticketing system to facilitate seamless commuting between various transmit modes in Chennai i.e  suburban trains, MTC buses, metro rail and the proposed mono rail.


As per latest news from CUMTA Chennai commuters would be able to use the Smart Card for auto rides too.       However, integration of Autos would be done in the 2nd phase, when sufficient numbers of autos are equipped with electronic meters.


The foremost benefit of a Travel Smart Card is the reduction of cash handling by passengers and ticketing agents. This is in line with RBI’s vision of a LessCash Society. The Mission Statement of RBIs’ Payment System Draft Vision Document (2012-15) is ‘To proactively encourage electronic payment systems for ushering in a less-cash society in India’.


The Smart Card concept for intra-city travelling is not new in India; however there have been very few success stories in India.


Hopefully, CUMTA will have a different experience.




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