ATMs @ Hyderabad Metro Stations – White label or Bank Label?

Visitors to Hyderabad must have noticed the brisk work on the Hyderabad Metro routes.

As on date, the first stage of the Metro Rail operations between Nagole and Mettuguda is on scheduled for launch in April 2015.

Hyderabad Metro’s first phase is spread over 72 km, divided under three corridors.

Corridor I – 28.87kms – Miyapur to LB Nagar

Corridor II – 14.78kms – Jubilee Bus Station to Falaknuma

Corridor III – 27.51kms – Nagole to Shilparamam

The Centre’s approval to extend the route from Falaknuma to Shamshabad airport will increase the distance by 12 km to 26.78 km.

All stations will be elevated and the distance between two stations would be approximately one kilometer. The ambience inside the station would be world-class with Automatic ticket vending machines and Automatic fare collection system.

There would be total of 64 stations. Here is where the potential for ATMs come in. Heavy footfalls are expected not only at the HMR Stations but also in the catchment areas. As the aim is to provide the best to the Metro travelers, ATMs would be part of the project.

Will there be White Label ATMs or Bank Label ATMs. Just wait and watch this space.

ATMs can be located at the Bike Stations planned in all the HMR stations.

These stations would have state-of-the-art facilities such as card swipe technology for releasing bikes, rest rooms, change facilities, lockers and food court with adequate seating. Office-bound commuters getting down at metro stations can borrow a bicycle from the bike station to go to their workplace and return the bike when returning to catch a train at any metro station.

The bike stations will be manned 24/7 by specially trained staff, dedicated support vehicles and mechanics


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