Amazon Lockers – When will it be introduced in India?


India is a very important market for Amazon and at present as the current Indian Laws do not allow Amazon India to sell directly any products. Hence, to build up its presence, it has opted for the Online Virtual Shop option. In the Online Virtual Shop option, it allows sellers to use its platform to sell their wares.

The major difference from other players like eBay or Flipkart is the ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’, option. Under the ‘fulfilled by Amazon’, option the goods are stored in Amazaon Fulfilment centres and are shipped to the sellers.

This is a major assurance to the buyers that the goods they buy, will be delivered to them, without any hassles.

The pool of sellers on Amazon India is growing very slowly. Here, it is a buyer’s choice; the sellers apply to Amazon India, to add their name to the Amazon India marketplace. Amazon India does a due diligence on the Seller, and then decides whether to admit them on to the marketplace or not. The due diligence mainly revolves around the sellers’ ability to fulfill the sale in time, and quality of the stock. The most important part is the ability to provide a good online customer experience.

The ‘Amazon Locker’, introduced in parts of USA and UK, is not yet on Amazon India’s radar. The ‘Amazon Locker’, has advanced technologies to fulfill the customer’s orders.

Let us wait and watch what the future holds for Indian online shoppers.


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