Will Scotland Yard’s ‘Future Crime’, Maps be adaptable to prevent Financial Frauds?

Scotland Yard-the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service, which is the territorial police force responsible for policing most of London has gone futuristic to predict crimes.

It has been observed that predictive methodologies increase the success rate in any group analysis. The main object of any Crime prediction methods is to reduce the crimes.

In this regard, Scotland Yard is all set to begin using predictive tactics to tackle burglars and muggers.

The ‘future crime’, maps are an outcome of refined computer algorithms. The computer algorithms are a combination of local crime patterns, mathematics and local festivals.

They produce “predictive areas” with a typical radius of no more than 250 yards, usually covering a number of defined streets.

In real predictive policing, first used in America, the idea is not to anticipate an individual’s thinking but to analyse criminal behaviour on a far bigger scale.

The ‘future crime’, maps when analyzed by trained human minds can dramatically increase the success rate of predictions.

Similar ‘future crime’, maps in the financial sector, could increase the customer’s safety in eTransactions channel.  Customers tend to migrate to eTransactions only when they are assured that the channels are 100% safe. Yes, customers too should adopt safe eTransactions methods as laid down by the financial institutions.


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