10 Safety Tips for your ICICI Bank Carbon Credit Card

If you are a ICICI Bank credit card holder, you must have received a marketing mail/phone regarding their new ICICI Bank Carbon Credit Card.

The ICICI Bank Carbon Credit Card is powered by ‘Visa CodeSure’, technology. India is the first country in Asia to have this advance technology. Yes, Japan still does not have Credit Cards based on ‘Visa CodeSure’, technology.

The development of ‘Visa CodeSure’ was started in 2009, by Visa and its partner Emue Technologies Pty Ltd.,.  In June 2010, announced that the technology was ready for commercial launch. Pilot testing was done with eight European Banks and their cardholders spread over UK, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany.

In Asia, ICICI Bank has taken the lead to acquaint Indian banking customers with the multiple security features of ICICI Bank Carbon Credit Card. This is a trial run till February 2014, and ICICI Bank will take a decision in February 2014, on the future of ICICI Bank Carbon Credit Card.

The following are the 10 Safety Tips, for a hassle-free shopping with ICICI Bank Carbon Credit Card

  1.  Immediately apply for ICICI Bank Carbon Credit Card
  2. Store the card in a pouch
  3. Do not bend the card
  4. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures
  5. Do not let water fall on it
  6. Do not share the card with your acquaintances
  7. In case the card is lost, immediately inform ICICI customer care
  8. Do not scratch the card on the front side or the back side
  9. Remember the Personal Assurance Message
  10.  Remember the CodeSure PIN

One thought on “10 Safety Tips for your ICICI Bank Carbon Credit Card”

  1. i am interesting in getting a credit card from icici applied in september 1st week.also applied hdfc,same documents with all formalities,but icici harased me with different ways.recently i got hdfc card with any harasment. yesterday i used the card after getting the report of icici application,i am in your fan of the month also.regading cibil report my salary drawing bank some errors happened.they rectified because their mistake.then also this icici is not ready to give card .every any reason they can arise.no.of e-mails,phone calls personnel enquiry,xerox copies scanings and enquiry nearby branch all things done everything correct in my knowledge. yesterday i got mail saying that i have to make fixed deposit and take secure credit card.who is that gentleman who given me mail.harasement is good but every where it is not applicable.with in seven days if you are not giving majour trouble you will get defenitey.

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