Skoch Awards 2013 – Bank of Baroda


Bank of Baroda’s Disaster Recovery Solution has been recognized by Skoch Deveopment Foundation, via its Skoch Awards 2013.

Bank of Baroda’s tag line is ‘India’s International Bank’, has a physical presence with 4,500+branches. As the branches are spread all over India, a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solution is a must. In the era of eBanking, the Banks CBS should be running 365 days, 24*7 hours, irrespective of whether the physical branches are open or close.

Bank customers tend to access their banking accounts via multiple modes i.e Internet, ATMs, Mobile banking etc.

Bank of Baroda’s Disaster Recovery Site is in a different seismic zone and not in the same seismic zone of its Data Centre.

The Disaster Recovery Site has redundancy built in for every single point of failure to  ensure  uninterrupted banking service delivery to its banking customers.

A  Comprehensive Audit by External Agencies has been done for Disaster Recovery centre Infrastructure too.

The Disaster Recovery Centre is ISO 27001 certified.  In the current financial year, Bank of Baroda plans to construct its own building for Disaster Recovery Site at Hyderabad.

Bank is shortly setting up “Near Data Centre” for online “near real time” replication of data to avoid any data loss. ‘Near real time’, means that data in the backup server is just behind 15-30 minutes of the primary server. Considerable investment in terms of IT infrastructure and manpower is required to synchronize ‘near real time’, data between primary and backup servers.


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