Muthoot ATMs rollout in Delhi and Kerala

Muthoot Group plans to rollout 9000 ATMs in the next three years. The first set of 250 ATMs will be unveiled in Delhi and Kerala, in the next three months.

Muthoot Group received the RBI Licence to set up White Label ATMs’ in June 2013.

Muthoot ATMs’ will be in different sizes i.e through the wall ATMs, drive-in ATMs, Mini-ATMs and moving ATMs etc.

These ATMs will be deployed at public locations like bus-depots, shopping malls, educational institutions, offices, small kirana stores, cinemas, public parks and even at own branches of the Group companies.

The main advantage of having ATMs in own branches is that the Gold Loans can be disbursed to bank accounts, thereby encouraging Safe eTransactions.

The majority of the ATMs i.e 65% + Muthoot ATMs’ will be located in Tier III to Tier VI towns.

Moving ATMs will be mounted on vehicles and move around the designated catchment area. At present, there are very few Moving ATMs in our country.




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