In India ‘Water ATMs’, are the new motivators for Safe eTransactions


Will it make business sense to locate White Label ATM’s near ‘Water ATMs’?

Piramal Foundation, a Profit-for Charity is dotting India’s landscape with ‘Water ATMs’.

The ‘Water ATMs’ are not small machines but large tanks with sensors monitoring water pressure and filtration that are maintained by franchisees.

The users have to pay for the clean drinking water. The payment mode is the pre-paid card which has to be tapped against a touch-screen. On tapping, the system verifies the account, checks to make sure that the water is clean and invites the user to choose how much they want.

This technology is necessary that the users have access to clean water 24 hours a day, rather than depend on an employee.

So far 35 Water ATMs have been installed in urban areas, with another 50 set to be added in the coming months across slum redevelopment communities in Delhi.

Many critics of the scheme were not convinced that users would pay for the clean drinking water. But, surprisingly, Sarvajal found that a steady stream of users were paying and collecting the clean drinking water.

Sarvajal runs the ‘Water ATMs’, on the franchisee model.  Sarvajal owns the water filtration equipment, and the franchisees start earning profit within a year.  Sarvajal, on the other hand, doesn’t expect to profit for another five to 10 years.


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