NewZealand Charities adopt Mobile EFTPOS terminals for fund collection


It is a common sight for pedestrians in many countries to be approached by fund-raising supporters of Charities.      Normally, the supporters hold a collection box in which they expect the pedestrians to drop some small amounts for the charity.


In the modern electronic era, this is not an efficient method of collecting donations. Also, the average donation is small through this method, as the prospective donors are not sure, as to how much will finally reach the charity.


In NewZealand, Childhood heart condition charity, @Heart, today became the first charity to use mobile EFTPOS terminals to collect donations from the streets.


The response has been fantastic with the largest donation being $50. The average donation was 5times more than the cash donation model. One of the key factors was that the donors thought it a bit strange to charge 50cents to their card, and were comfortable with $5, $10 donations.


Visa was the sponsor of the Mobile EFTPOS terminals and they adopted the Visas’ PayWave option.


Next in line to try out this new eDonation tool is ‘The Breast Cancer Foundation’.


In India, in the Ganesh festivals, lots of Ganesh Pandals will be set in most parts of India. Donation boxes are a common feature. Hopefully, this time some Pandal will adopt this new eDonation tool.



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