MasterCard to launch PayPass in India. New Tool for a Less Cash society

Mr.Vikas Varma, Area Head-South Asia, MasterCard while chatting with ‘thehindubusinessline’, stated that MasterCard will introduce PayPass features in India very soon.

The main advantage of PayPass is that there is no need to swipe the card.  Instead,  you have to do is ‘Tap & Go’ at any of the PayPass accepting merchants with a PayPass enabled device like a card or a mobile phone, key fob or mobile payment tag.

This should encourage more customers to pay via their MasterCard or Maestro Account, rather than cash or other credit cards.

PayPass can be added to any MasterCard or Maestro account and its ‘Tap &Go’ technology will make payments and checkouts easier.


  • A tiny microchip and radio antenna embedded in a PayPass-enabled device sends out your payment details wirelessly to a PayPass reader at checkout.
  • The reader verifies your transaction with your bank through MasterCard network and indicates approval instantly.

PayPass payments cover mobile devices and computers too.

Worldwide more than 70 devices are currently certified for use with MasterCard Mobile PayPass technology.

When added to mobile devices, MasterCard PayPass will become an innovative contactless payment feature that uses near field communications to provide consumers with a fast, safe and smart way to pay for every day purchases.

The transaction success rates depend on the phone network. Majority of the Merchants do not dedicated telephone lines for Electronic transactions, and depend on their normal phone lines. This affects the TAT and hence customers prefer to pay in cash.

Two BlackBerry models i.e  BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Curve 9360 smartphones are the first SIM-based NFC smartphones to be certified by MasterCard Worldwide as PayPass approved devices.

As this is a contactless payment, users might be apprehensive about the security features. Well, MasterCard WorldWide has the following security features for PayPass devices:

  • Encryption technology
  • PayPass has built-in safeguards to help prevent unwanted purchases:
  1. PayPass device never leaves your hands at checkout
  2. PayPass device must be extremely close to the reader to work
  3. PayPass device  only bills you once – even if you tap twice by mistake

Which bank in India will be the first to adopt PayPass. Will it be ING Vysya Bank, as it has very recently launched Premium Debit Cards in tie-up with MasterCard?


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