NO, IKEA India still does not have an Indian webpage

Swedish furniture maker IKEA main webpage has still does not display any link to its Indian Operations.

The formal letter issued by the Government to set up stores has 15 conditions attached to it.

As a Safe eTransactions Motivator, it is a bit disappointing to know about Condition 6. Condition 6 says that retail trading by means of e-commerce would not be permissible

Worldwide IKEA stores have attached Cafes too. The issue of cafes has also been resolved as they will be allowed within the stores, but no food items will be allowed to be retailed in any other part of the stores.

The initial target is to open 25 stores all over India. The first four stores will in four states — Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka — to set up single-brand retail stores as part of its Rs 10,500-crore investment in India.

The company officials are approaching the respective State Government officials for allocation of land. Noida in Uttar Pradesh, might the first lucky location for IKEAs first Indian store.

Which will be the luck Bank to have its ATM in IKEA India stores or will it be a White Label ATM? Just wait and watch.

The location for the store is vitally important for IKEA as it should be near major roads, freeways and/or public transport.


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