Cheers-Dombivali Nagari Sahakari Bank (DNSB) customers any access any Bank ATM now

dns  DNS Bank is the first Scheduled Urban Co-operative Bank in our country to issue RuPay debit cards to its customers. DNS Bank in association with NPCI joined the ‘RuPay’, bandwagon.

The card issuance event was launched on August 06, 2013 at NPCI‟s corporate office, Mumbai that was presided by Shri A P Hota, MD & CEO, NPCI, Smt Nandini Kulkarni, Chairperson of DNS Bank, Shri Koparkar-Vice Chairman, Shri Gopal Paranjpe- CEO, DNS Bank along with team of NPCI and DNS Bank.

, which had a deposit base of some Hundreds of rupees in the initial years, has registered a deposit figure of Rs. 2437 crores. The same progress applies so far as loan and advances are concerned. It has so far assisted thousands of people from all walks of life by lending Rs. 1639 crores.

At present DNS bank has a network of 37 branches spread across 11 Maharashtra Districts.

In the course of its growth, DNS Bank, has merged two banks into itself i.e i)  Shivneri Sahakari Bank With DNS Bank’s On 13 October 2007 and ii) Suvarana Mangal Mahila Sahakari Bank on 3rd January 2010.

DNS Bank also has a eLobby, at Main Branch, Dombivli. The Lobby has facilities for customers to deposit cheques, cash, print passbook, withdraw cash, 24 hours and 365 days. Any branch’s customer can access the E-Lobby for their requirements.

Another feather in its cap is that DNS is 1st Co-op. Bank to launch Mobile Banking Services in India. The Bank’s customers can send and receive funds on any day and any time as per their convenience by using their mobile phones.


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