Did you have the chance to visit a Talking ATM?

Banking major State Bank  of India dedicated its 3333rd Talking ATM to the nation on the occasion of State Bank Day on July 1, 2013.

The Talking ATM enables visually challenged persons to carry out ATM transactions through voice guidance (interactive voice response). On insertion of the headphone jack by the customer the voice gets activated and it guides the customer in easy steps to complete the transaction. This machine can be used by visually challenged customers of all Banks.

These ATMs are incorporated with software and hardware features which ensure that visually challenged persons can operate the machine on their own, while maintaining the safety of the transaction. These ATMs have accessible key-pads and Braille stickers at important points like card slot, receipt slot and cash slot for easy identification. They use text-to- speech engine which converts the text on the screen to voice.  In case of failed transaction or error in operation the customer is suitably guided.

There are currently two language options viz. English and Hindi. An important security feature of this ATM is that it gives an option to the customer for blanking of the screen during the transaction to avoid shoulder surfing.  There is also a small orientation at the beginning of the transaction for the first time user. To begin with, the three most important functions viz. cash withdrawal; balance enquiry and PIN change facility are available over voice guidance. The ATM is also available for normal transactions by other customers.

SBI plans to enable 3800 of the existing ATMs for the visually challenged persons by August 2013. In the next phase, 5000 ATMs will be similarly enabled.

Talking ATM’s constitute 10% of its total ATM network (32,752 ATMs as at 31 March 2013)

As per RBI Notification No.RBI/2008-09/431 DBOD.No.Leg.BC.123 /09.07.005/2008-09

Dt.April 13, 2009, banks should make at least one third of new ATMs installed as talking ATMs with Braille keypads and place them strategically in consultation with other banks to ensure that at least one talking ATM with Braille keypad is generally available in each locality


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