Path to eDebts Recovery Tribunals’ in India


In the normal course of business by financial institutions, a percentage of their loans go bad, and specialized efforts have to be made to recover their dues.

To assist financial institutions in their task of recovering their bad debts quickly the Government of India has constituted thirty three Debt Recovery Tribunal and five Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal across the country.

The Debt Recovery Tribunals are spread across the country.

In order to enhance the efficiency of Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRTs) and Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunals (DRATs) and to provide a platform for seamless operations to Banks, Financial Institutions and general public to expedite recovery of public money, there is a proposal for introduction of e-governance in DRTs.

The key objectives envisaged for the e-DRT engagement are as follows:

i)          To implement information technology to automate the processes/procedures in DRTs/DRATs.

ii)         To empower DRT officials by providing technology enablers to help them deliver best possible services efficiently and to provide hassle free administrative services.

iii)        To facilitate applicants and defendants to get hassle free administrative services.

iv)        To have access to timely and accurate reports

v)         To efficiently manage case records.

vi)        To enable banks and financial institutions to easily track their case related information.

vii)       To support Recovery Officers with state of the art tools and technology to speedily enforce the orders.


To kick-start this project in October 2012, an EOI (Expression of Interest)  for Implementation of e-DRT E-Governance in DRTs) Project of the Department for Implementation of e-Governance in 33 Debts Recovery Tribunals DRTs) and 5 Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunals DRATs) was floated by Government of India.

The project is spread over 23 locations across the Country for a period of 11 years including one year of Implementation and 10 years of Operations and Maintenance.

After the e-DRT implementation, banks and financial institutions will be able to track their case related information



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