Are you willing to Pay by using your Face as an Authentication tool?


Uniqul, a Finnish startup company, specializing in innovative payment modes, has launched the world’s first world’s first face recognition payments system.

As per the company website, ‘The main goal of Uniqul is to provide its customers with services that are truly unique, through introduction of completely new and in-house developed technologies, which are not yet present on the market’.

On 15/07/2013, the company announced that it is moved considerably closer for a pilot launch in Helinski

As customers approach the checkout at the store, a camera picks them up and “military grade algorithms” identify them. A payment is pre-authorised using a card linked to the customer’s Uniqul account and confirmed by pressing an ‘OK’ button on a tablet

Uniqul has not only military grade identification algorithms but also improved them, to make sure that ‘customers’  are always recognized, but at the same time making sure that no-one else gets access to other’s your Uniqul account.

The first step is to make a Uniqul account and register a payment method before you can start using Uniqul. Registering is easy – Customer’s enter the account info online in advance and just approach one of Uniqul’s  QPoints when the customer is  ready to get your picture taken or alternatively the customer  can fill in all info at a QPoint.



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