Payment of interest on overdue public deposits by Indian NBFCs

Deposit taking NBFCs at times are required to freeze the term deposits of customer based on the orders of the enforcement authorities or the deposit receipts are seized by the enforcement authorities. Clarifications had been sought from Reserve Bank of India, regarding the renewal and payment of interests on such deposits.

Hence, Reserve Bank of India, vide Notification No.RBI/2013-14/121 DNBS.PD/CC.No.350/03.02.001/2013-14, dt.July 04, 2013, has advised NBFCs’ to follow the below procedure:

  • A request letter to be obtained from the customer on maturity.
  • While obtaining the request letter from the depositor for renewal, NBFCs should also advise him to indicate the term for which the deposit is to be renewed.
  • In case the depositor does not exercise his option of choosing the term for renewal, NBFCs may renew the same for a term equal to the original term
  • No new receipt is required to be issued. However, suitable note may be made regarding renewal in the deposit ledger
  • Renewal of deposit may be advised by registered letter / speed post / courier service to the concerned Government department under advice to the depositor.
  • In the advice to the depositor, the rate of interest at which the deposit is renewed should also be mentioned.
  • If overdue period does not exceed 14 days on the date of receipt of the request letter, renewal may be done from the date of maturity.
  • If it exceeds 14 days, NBFCs may pay interest for the overdue period as per the policy adopted by them, and keep it in a separate interest free sub-account which should be released when the original fixed deposit is released
  • However the final repayment of the principal and the interest so accrued should be done only after the clearance regarding the same is obtained by the NBFCs from the respective Government agencies.

The above clarification should be helpful for depositors to not to lose any interest on frozen deposits.



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