eKuber – Reserve Bank of India’s Core Banking Solution


Reserve Bank of India, has christened its Core Banking Solution as eKuber. The quest by RBI to have its own CBS begun in June 2007, when in RBI’s Financial Sector Technology Vision, the Department of Information Technology, broached the concept of CBS in RBI.

Subsequently, in May 2010, the notification issued for EOI for Identification of OEM / Product Vendor / System Integrator for implementing Core Banking Solution was issued.

M/s Polaris Software Lab Limited was selected as the successful bidder for the implementation of Core Banking Solution across the Bank.

In early 2012, CBS in Reserve Bank of India went live.

In Hindu mythology  Kubera (Sanskrit: कुबेर, Pali/later Sanskrit: Kuvera) also spelt Kuber, is the Lord of wealth and the god-king of the semi-divine Yakshas in Hindu mythology.

His many epithets extol him as the overlord of numerous semi-divine species and the owner of the treasures of the world. Kubera is often depicted as a fat man, adorned with jewels and carrying a money-pot or money-bag, and a club.

Hence, it is apt that the CBS of RBI has been christened as eKuber. Over the last one year eKuber has stabilized well.

eKumber has enabled cooperative banks to be part of the ePayment revolution in India, as the cooperative banks can hold direct accounts in RBI. Prior to eKuber, if a cooperative bank did not have a branch in Mumbai, it was difficult to be a direct participant in ePayment platforms viz RTGS, NEFT, NCS etc.

The other features of eKuber are:

  • Provision of a single account for each bank across the country, decentralised access to this account from anywhere, anytime usage using the portal based services in a safe manner and the ease of operations are some of the features of the e-Kuber which have been well received by banks.
  • Government users can view their balances – of all types including the Ways and Means Advances, drawings, funds positions and the like – all in a consolidated manner through the e-Kuber so as to help then in better funds management.
  • The capability of consolidating revenue collections by banks through the e-Kuber offers the potential for better flexibility for the Government in managing its finances apart from moving over towards higher levels of electronic based banking



7 thoughts on “eKuber – Reserve Bank of India’s Core Banking Solution”

  1. As we know that core banking solutions keeps important role in banking sector. Now RBI has christened its Core Banking Solution as eKuber,I think it’s best example importance of Core Banking Solutions in Banking sector.

  2. sir i want to know about inflation bond which i had buy nov2013 and yet not recieved any certifiate or letter or informantion from issuer ; please help me i am worried about my money

  3. As per Core Banking Solution (CBS), Customers are enables to operate their accounts, and avail banking services from any branch of the Bank on CBS network, regardless of where he maintains his account.

    My account is at BOB – Amreli and presently I am living in surat so that I had deposited 1 cheque of transfer (BOB to BOB) in Bank of Baroda – Nanpura (Surat) branch.

    It is informed to me that transfer cheques can be deposited either at issuer’s branch or in receiver’s branch. And bank staff denied to accept this cheque so that I had meet bank manager for this but he also answering same. I ask for reason why it is not accepted then he tells that this is as per bank’s rules. I ask to manager to give this statement in writing that transfer cheques can not be accepted for this reason and also ask to see me rules of bank for this but he denied to give and tells that “do whatever you can do, i will not accept this cheque”.

    There is no meaning of CBS in this type of banking facilities.

    Due to this type of wrong banking many customers are suffering a lot. This is done with me so many times so i had explore this issue at RBI level also.

    I think this is due to there is no benefit to that branch for accepting transfer cheques of other branches.

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