RCOM ready for UIDAIs’ eKYC services


The first major customer for UIDAIs’ eKYC identity authentication service is Reliance Communication.

Way back in October 2012, Vodafone had launched a pilot program in Andhra Pradesh using UIDAIs’ eKYC identity authentication service. However, there has been no further news on this front.

Reliance Communication has already tested this eKYC Service in a non company multi brand small retail outlet. It is now waiting for DOT (Department of Telecom) guidelines on the eKYC norms.

The envisaged process flow is as under:

01) Prospective customer walks into the RCOM Showroom/vendor, with his/her Aadhaar Card.

02)                An eKYC request, along with Aadhaar number and authentication is sent as an input and the name, address, date of birth, gender, and photograph, is received by the RCOM Retailer

03)                Once authenticated, the mobile connection will immediately activated by RCOM.


The present process for Mobile connections-KYC is that the customers had to submit a photocopy of customers KYC documents and photo to purchase a SIM card.

Retailers then had to submit the documents to the company and the SIM would get activated after the company verified the documents.

Aadhaar authentication makes the entire process swift and paperless.  The adoption of eKYC largely depends on the IT infrastructure. It may be noted, that the same IT infrastructure can be utilized by multiple service providers and duplication can be avoided.


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